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Take Advantage of our 40 Years Experience

Barlines have been called numerous times to rescue jobs gone afoul or behind submittals. In the last 10 years alone there had been numerous high profile jobs that Barlines Cavalry came to the rescue.
All are in the Rebar-Installed market. The viewpoint they gained gave them some insight on what to guard against. Lack of Local Knowledge is one. The Harmon Center in Las Vegas, now being demolished is a case in point. In rebar detailing – the foundation is the gravy train and above foundation is the Gingerbread. Some make a mistake of pricing based on foundation weight alone. When the price becomes unsustainable and they abandon a job – the rebar-sub is left with a dark cloud hanging over their heads – penalties and back charges. Lack of local knowledge gets the job two steps forward and one step back each time details are not aligned with ironworkers.

Some jobs get into trouble because of a heavy emphasis on drawings than on detailing and logistics. What takes a detailer an hour to detail takes him twice as long to draw. If a detailer concentrates on CAD, there is a chance a rebar is in his drawings but not at the site. If he instead concentrate on his detailing, the bar maybe at the jobsite but not on his drawings. The later is easily solved by a phone call.

On occasion rebar is all over the jobsite, but because of double handling placing labor stumbles and get behind. When bars are not properly segregated by release for pinpoint offloading then double handling occurs and field resource become inefficient. One job we took over had an identical bridge abutment in one release – and a creek between abutments.

Tom Bradley International Airport

Barlines took over the LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal, after most of the foundations are in placed. Don Morrison had collaborated with Barlines on so many jobs before and this time he knew he needed detailers that think like he does. Submittals got ahead of schedule because of no backtracking and it allowed him an overview of future work to plan his resources productively.

The job completed under budget, ahead of schedule and garnered for their company – Klorman Construction, awards and accolades.

Sprint Center

Because the original detailers abandoned the job Barlines immediately had to assigned the job to two teams of rebar detailers. Three detailers in each team. Manpower was not a problem with Barlines. They have an on-going training facility and a Univeristy full of resource. While there is a shortage of rebar detailers in the United States, Barlines produces them in the Philippines. Barlines has contributed more rebar detailers to the industry than any company in the last 40 years.

The dark cloud over Carter-Waters suddenly disappeared.

Reliant Stadium

Barlines was not called on the Reliant Stadium in Houston until nearly three-quarters of the foundation was poured. The gingerbread looming are the four giant super columns and stadia seating. Three teams of three detailers each was given the task to get submittals and deliveries in line. One of the team was delegated on barlisting logistics to reduce double handling of bars at the jobsite. The buzzword at the jobsite became “get out of the way, we are coming through!. The job completed in time for the NFL Texan play football.

Very few detailers, especially those in a FOB market knows the importance of logistics.

The North Main Street Bridges

Detailing was already completed but were not approved The original rebar sub pulled out of the job and a new sub took over when we were called. The job is a seismic retrofit of a very famous landmark in Los Angeles – The North Main Street Bridge. The whole world had seen it in so many Hollywood movies. It was used by light rail transit, public and private vehicles, and pedestrian traffic. It had to be constructed with the least disruption to all three. No one wanted the detailing. It involved retrofitting the abutments, the arch ribs and the bridge deck itself. Logistics was critical. Each delivery had to be broken by stage, by span, by an arch at specific times, because all work was hanging from under the bridge.

The job is nearing completion and all the probable nightmares did not happen.

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